Why is the season of mussels delayed?


The season of mussels is delayed. This is because the quality of mussels is still insufficient. Nevertheless, you can already find mussels in many restaurants and shops. Here, these are mussels cultivated according to hanging culture, and not through natural soil culture.

The delay of the mussel season is partly due to the changing climate and the wet (and cold) period that preceded the summer. Yet the delay cannot be blamed entirely on the changing climate. After all, the growth of mussels depends on several factors. So sometimes they are available sooner than usual, other years the season starts later.

Difference between mussels from hanging culture and soil culture

There is indeed a difference between mussels grown by hanging culture and those grown by bottom culture. In hanging culture, mussels are hung on long cords in the water. They catch more sunlight and grow faster. But! Because they do not grow on the bottom of the sea, they catch fewer types of nutrition and therefore have less flavour and are more fragile. Mussels grown by hanging culture are usually available all year round.

Mussels cultivated according to bottom culture tend to be better quality mussels. They are cultivated at the bottom of the sea and absorb much more nutrients from the water and the soil. Consequently, they have a firmer structure and are much tastier. The season for mussels cultivated using bottom cultivation runs from July to the end of March.

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