Fresh fish, delivered daily

Our fish shop is supplied daily with fresh fish. Moreover, the delivered fish undergoes a thorough quality control: on quality, shine, colour, firmness and representation. Once approved, it ends up in our fish eye.

By the way, did you know that we produce little or no fish waste? Fish that we do not put in our counter is used in preparations and salads, while fish bones and heads are used for bouillons. Much of our fish also ends up on our plancha every day for you to enjoy on the spot.

Fresh fish and ready-to-eat preparations

Don’t feel like eating on the spot and also lacking inspiration for your own menu with fish? Our team of fishmongers and fishwives will be happy to inspire you with recipes! Moreover, you can buy ready-made preparations (hot and cold) that you can munch on at home or in the office. Sandwiches with fish spreads are also on our daily menu.

Feast on the spot

Deep-fried calamari, scampi à la plancha, a salmon or tuna steak or shrimp croquettes… Does it make your mouth water already? At our fish bar, we prepare a delicious assortment of tapas – fried or à la plancha – for you! The focus is on fish: we do not serve any side dishes.