Fresh fish, but make it street food

Deep-fried calamari, scampi à la plancha, a salmon or tuna steak or shrimp croquettes… Does it make your mouth water already? At our fish bar, we prepare a delicious assortment of tapas – fried or à la plancha – for you! In doing so, we focus on fish: we do not serve side dishes.

How does it work? Order at the bar and settle down at one of our standing tables. Do you hear your name being called? Then signal and get served at the table. Meanwhile, enjoy a good glass of wine and a delicious serving of Brussels ambiance!

Our Menu

Please note that our offer depends on the daily supply of fish and can therefore vary from day to day.

Preparing your own fish dish? Discover our fish shop

In our fish shop, you will find a daily fresh supply of fish. Every morning we receive a delivery of fresh fish, which we subject to a thorough quality control. Only when the fish meets our standards does it enter our counter. Come by and see what we have in store for you!

No inspiration? No problem. Our fishmongers and fishwives will be happy to inspire you with seasonal recipes and ideas!