Sole Meunière

Zeetong Meunière

Ingredients for 4 persons

800g potatoes

1 cabbage lettuce

1 shallot

a few sprigs of chives

a few sprigs of tarragon

1 bunch of (flat) parsley

4 dover soles skinned

1 dash of olive oil

80g butter



a dash of olive oil or salad oil

a dash of vinegar

2 lemons



Peel all the potatoes and cut them into fine fries. Attention: do not wash your fries. If you do, you will rinse off all the starch.

Heat the frying fat (preferably Ossewit) to 140°C. Fry the fries a first time. Let them soften, but do not colour yet. Check by pricking. Leave to cool in a bowl lined with kitchen paper.

The salad

Fill your sink with a bottom of cold water and place the lettuce leaves in it. Once clean, drain the lettuce leaves. Afterwards, finely chop the shallot and all the herbs, then rinse them. Sprinkle the shallot pieces and herbs over the lettuce.

Dover soles

Have your sole professionally cleaned and cut by your fishmonger. He or she knows perfectly what a tasty sole should look like.

Sprinkle a small layer of flour along both sides of the sole and season with salt and pepper. Next, put a dash of olive oil in a non-stick pan and place it over a medium heat. Place the sole in it and fry for about 3 minutes. Shake the pan occasionally in between so that the sole does not stick. Then turn the sole over.

Only now add the butter to the fish, also turning down the heat a little. After two minutes, turn the fish over again. Once the head part of the sole bulges a little and the skin looks crispy golden brown, the fish is ready. Keep the cooking fat.

Season the tongues on both sides with some ground pepper and a little salt.

The finishing touch

Heat the frying fat to 180°C and fry the cold fries (which you previously fried a first time) golden brown and crispy. Place the chips in a bowl with some kitchen paper, drain and sprinkle with salt.

You can finish the salad with some olive oil or salad oil. Also add some natural vinegar, pepper and salt. Mix well before serving.

Before serving your fish, quickly finish your sauce. Put the cooking fat on a high heat, let it bubble and add the parsley. Finish with some lemon juice. Once ready, pour the mixture over your fish.

And don’t forget your mayonnaise!