How long can you store fish?

When you buy fish in a (fish) store, the (normally) is squeaky fresh. Therefore, it’s best to eat the fish you’ve bought on the day. Then the quality will be the best. Still, you can also store fish a little longer before eating it.

Do you have limited time during the week to shop for your weekend guests? But do you still want to serve a good piece of fish? Then there are some important things to consider. After all, you can’t leave fresh fish in the fridge forever.

Although we suggest preparing freshly bought fish as soon as possible, you can also keep fresh fish in the fridge for up to two days. Afterwards, the initial quality cannot be guaranteed. Still want to keep it longer? Then it is recommended to put the fish in the freezer from the day of purchase. Tip: Pat the fish a little dry before packing and putting it in the fridge. This keeps more flavor in your meal.