Fish, is it really that healthy?

Zalm is rijk aan Omega 3

Is fish really as healthy as everyone claims? The answer is ‘yes’. But just why is it so healthy? And what health benefits can we get from it? Let us explain.

Although you can already get a good portion of (healthy) vitamin D on our terrace on sunny days, there are still health benefits to having an afternoon aperitif with fish. After all, most fish contain vitamins B12 and B6, iodine, phosphorus and selenium. Fatty fish (salmon, herring, sprat) are in turn rich in vitamins D, B2 and A. And that’s not all. Deficient in protein and healthy fats? No problem! Eat enough of the (right) fish, then no more deficiencies!

Oily fish, a source of vitamin D, protein, Omega3

Fish is packed with ‘healthy fats‘ that are necessary for a body to function properly. But exactly how many of those fats are in each fish depends on the species. Salmon, for instance, is one of the fish of choice when it comes to ‘healthy fats’ or Omega3.

Salmon, for instance, is one of the fish of choice when it comes to ‘healthy fats’ or Omega3. aankomt. Mackerel and herring are also rich in Omega3. The latter helps a lot against blood and vascular diseases. Exactly how much fat needs to be in fish to be healthy? A fat percentage of 5% or higher! Moreover, oily fish is also rich in vitamin D.

By the way, did you know that just about every fish is naturally rich in protein? Those proteins are essential for maintaining muscle tissue, keeping blood vessels supple and lowering your blood pressure, among other things. On average, fish contains around 20% protein.

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Too much salty fish is not healthy

So while fish is super healthy, you better watch out for salted fish. Smoked salmon, halibut or salt herring, for instance, are processed with a relatively high amount of salt. Super tasty, but if you eat too much, you also ingest too much salt.

Eat enough fish for optimum health benefits

Do you really want to notice the health benefits of fish in yourself? Then of course it is important that you eat fish with sufficient regularity. Just once every fortnight will not get you there… That is why it is recommended to eat a meal with fish at least twice a week.

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