Fish from our waters: always the best choice!

No, by “fish from with us,” we don’t necessarily mean “fish from our North Sea. What we do mean is that eating “fish from our (Belgian) waters” is always the best choice! We’ll explain why!

Tomato shrimp, a delicious sole “meunière,” waterzooi of fish, mussel or fish soup … These are dishes that today you can no longer think out of our Belgian cuisine. Moreover, many of the fish and seafood used in those dishes come from our own seas! So if you choose a Belgian fish dish, you are basically choosing local fish.

Local fish, a smart choice

Opting for local fish is a smart choice for several reasons. The most important: your fish travels a short distance and is therefore squeaky fresh. Moreover, that short distance contributes to a lower footprint. Moreover, there are many species of fish in our waters and fish is very healthy for you.

Super fresh fish on your plate

Those who choose fish from with us choose fish that in principle can also be delivered very quickly. Because these fish only have to travel a short distance, they are therefore a lot fresher than fish that have to come from high in Scandinavia or other waters, for example, and thus have to travel a lot longer. And the fresher, the better of course!

Sustainability: an important aspect

A short delivery time also means positive news for sustainability. The shorter the distance fish have to travel and the less transportation it requires, the better it is for the environment in the end. Conclusion: fish from our North Sea is a lot more sustainable than fish from other seas and regions.

Never boring and super healthy

Then again, a third advantage to local fish is the variety of options. After all, in our North Sea swim many different types of fish: sole, mackerel, plaice, ray, whiting, shrimp… So you certainly don’t have to eat the same thing every day!

Moreover, fresh fish also brings many health benefits. Those who eat fish regularly automatically enjoy better health, more energy and less heart disease. You can read about that here more.


Fish from the North Sea on your plate? You can! We have a large assortment of North Sea fish in our counter for you daily.