How fish makes for a healthy body

Noors dieet, gezonde voeding

Although we at the North Sea are not big fans of diet culture, we do applaud a healthy diet. And let fish be just the ingredient that can contribute to that healthy lifestyle. This is also proven by the Norwegian ‘diet’, which focuses on pure, unprocessed food.

Those who choose a Norwegian diet do not choose to eat less, nor to focus only on healthy foods such as salads and soups. If you choose a Norwegian ‘diet’, you will be able to eat the same, beautiful meals all the time. So we are already instant fans of this diet!

Know what you eat

In that Norwegian diet, the main focus is on pure, unprocessed products including fish (unprocessed). After all, these are a guarantee of retaining a whole host of vitamins, excellent gut flora, bioactive substances and minerals. All these health benefits strengthen immunity, strengthen hair and improve skin. Moreover, the Omega 3, found in many types of fish and also in oils, improves the function of the heart, eyes and brain.

So you don’t necessarily have to eat less or deny yourself everything. A balanced diet where unprocessed food plays the main role can already bring about a lot of change.

The Norwegian ‘diet’ not only includes fish, but also products like rapeseed oil, yoghurt, skyr, cottage cheese and others are on the list of health benefits!