Which fish is best eaten in spring and summer?

Fish is available all year round. But although there is daily supply, it varies from month to month, week to week and even day to day! This is because different fish species reproduce at different times and locations, live in different locations (subject to different weather conditions) and require different types of food to grow. But how do you know which fish is best prepared in spring or summer? We’ll help you out!

Round fishing

During the months of January to April, roundfish are especially at their best. The round fish family includes, for example: mackerel, haddock, red gurnard, sea bass, whiting, monkfish and dorado. You can get them – can you guess? – recognized by their round or elliptical shape.

Contrary to flatfish (which live only on the bottom), you find roundfish in the entire water column: from the surface of the water to the bottom.

Turbot, skate and dab

Contrary to what we suggest above, there are also some flatfish that can be found in the months of January, February and March. The turbot, skate and dab are three examples. These fish species live mainly in the North Sea and are still fished a lot during these months.

Squid and scallops

Not a big fan of a good piece of fish on your plate, but a big fan of seafood? Then you’re in luck! Squid (calamar) and scallop season continues until at least the end of March.

A clear overview of seasonal fishing can be found on the fishing calendar.

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