Which fish is best eaten in spring and summer?


Fish is available all year round. But although there is daily supply, it varies from month to month, week to week and even day to day! But how do you know which fish is best prepared in spring or summer? We’ll help you out!

What to eat in spring?

As in the winter monthsround fish are still very popular in spring.Haddock, redfish, mackerel… They are still on the list of fish in demand all spring long. Have you ever tried sea bass? Then now is the time! Also squid(calamar) can be eaten during this season.

And which fish in summer?

From summer to autumn the season of a lot of fish starts. This is when our fish eye is full of a very diverse range. Thus, summer is labelled as ‘the start of the season for flatfish’. Ray, sole, plaice… These are just some of the delicacies you can get at this time. A summer sole meunière, a fishburger with breaded haddock, a fried ray wing with butter and capers… mouth-watering!

A clear overview of seasonal fishing can be found on the fishing calendar.

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