Beer for charity: Maatwerk Brut

Drinking a delicious alcoholic beer and supporting charity in the process? Yes you can. Starting this weekend, you can order Maatwerk Brut at our fishbar!

Maatwerk Brut? Never heard of it, you say? You can. After all, the beer is brand new to the market. A slightly acidified blonde beer with a fruity character, the beer is great on a sunny day! Note that the beer carries an alcohol content of 8%. So it is definitely not a “light” beer.

Brussels Helpt

Maatwerk Brut is an initiative of Maatwerk VZW, an organization dedicated to charity by, among other things, organizing events and launching its own beer. If you order a Maatwerk Brut with your fish appetizers at Mer du Nord, virtually all of the proceeds from the beer will go to the charity Brussels Helpt”.

We already find it very (summery) tasty, now you guys! Maatwerk Brut is available from us starting May 4. You pay €5.5 per beer.