For three years, those oysters enjoy all the nutrients from our unique bays. The seed oysters come from France and mature on Boutrai family’s Irish oyster beds.

This special oyster is meaty and crisp. They have a touch of hazelnut and almond on the tongue, with a slight iodine aftertaste. The Sentinelle is perfect with a dash of lemon or a touch of shallot vinaigrette.
Like the Ostra Regal the mother-of-pearl shell encases the plump oyster with a white muscle that contrasts against the dark mantle. The muscle is smaller, but that makes it all the crispier and bursting with flavour.



The Sélection Marine is a refined quality oyster that comes from the MacSwyne-bay, met a rounded shape and a meaty content of almost 12%. It is always a winner and combines tradition with the pleasure of a delicious oyster when dining with friends or family.

This oyster is a harmonious experience with an iodine, salty mineral flavour. The sea gives it subtlety while the minerals and salt give it character. This refined delicacy is an ideal as an aperitif with a little bread and butter and a glass of white wine.
The smooth, rounded shell has a white mother-of-pearl inside. The fine delicate flesh stands out through its clarity. When opened it releases a lot of water, which is a sign of lasting freshness.



The Ostra Regal stands out for its quality. It is intensively cultivated for 4 years by the Boutrais family in Bannow bay in Ireland. The deep inlet, only connected to the sea through a small channel allows the optimal retention of the phytoplankton.

This allows the oyster to benefit from all the nutrients it needs to grow well.
 This oyster has a powerful rocky and iodine flavour at the start with an algal aftertaste. It is crisp and sweet with a slight hazelnut flavour. A real marine delicacy!
 Its mother-of-pearl shell encloses the flesh with a white muscle that contrasts with the dark mantle.


During cultivation, Gillardeau-oysters have all the care they need to promote their growth until the reach ideal maturity. The treatment it then receives ensure consisted quality of the oyster with a rich flesh and unique flavour. Because of its character the Gillardeau is known worldwide The Gillardeau has a rather smooth flavour.

This is because time is taken to ensure the flavour around the freshwater clay pools around the île d’Oléron.
They bear the name of the Gillardeau family, who have been producing oysters for generations.


This oysters owes its excellent quality to the Irish culture by the Gillardeau family (FR). It tastes nutty and has a slight metallic aftertaste. The Tia Maraa spends the first year of its life in southwest of Ireland. After about 4 years, the Tia Maraa is moved to Marennes-Oléron
(France). There the oyster acquires its final flavour.

The combination of Irish water and oyster pools at Marennes-Oléron give the Tia Maraa an exceptional flavour. The 
Tia Maraa can be identified through its crispiness with a light creamy aftertaste.
In addition to the incredible flavours and meatiness, a lot of water is released when it is opened, which means they keep fresh for longer.


FINE DE CLAIRE – Marennes-oléron

The Fine de Claire is the oyster of choice for those who prefer less meaty oysters. These oysters are kept in shallow clay pools for a few weeks where they develop a better quality shell than those cultivated in the open sea.
During this process the oyster pools of MarennesOléron release the specific flavours of the region.

The oyster is particularly appreciated by people who prefer oysters that are rich in water and with a balanced aroma. It is a superior quality oyster with a balanced salty and sweet flavour.



The Zeeland flat oyster is a luxury oyster that is highly favoured in the world of gastronomy and is often considered the most exclusive of its kind.
This oyster comes from Lake Grevelingen, where the sheltered position and the excellent conditions in this region ensure supreme top quality.

However, this is a very rare oyster: it grows slowly and has difficulty reproducing, so it is only full-grown after six years. The extraordinarily delicate, smooth-creamy flavour (with slight overtones of nut and pepper) of this oyster makes it the absolute top of the class and it should always be on the oyster menu.


Niet altijd zijn alle oesters beschikbaar in ons gamma. We zijn gebonden aan de seizoenen, de kwaliteit en de beschikbaarheid. Vraag gerust meer informatie aan de kapitein of zijn crew!